bsa-troop1-Oxford-Ornament_2010.jpg The 2009 ornament features the American Legion Hall. It was originally built as a school. 

The Church school was built in 1920 to replace the smaller Shrub Oak School which was on the same property, only further back from the road.  The new building had two classrooms instead of the one in the older Shrub Oak School.  The previous year it had been necessary to hold double sessions as there was not enough room for all the students in the area. 

The Annual Town Report for the year ended August 31, 1921, lists the following receipt: January 8, 1921 to Cash from S.B; Church, the Church School Fund. 

The first teachers at the Church School were Mary E. Precott and Julia E. Crofut. The town report of 1920 lists the the school as Shrub Oak.  However, the next town report in 1921 shows the school's new namd, the Church School, in recognition os S.B. Church donation for the entire cost of building the school.

The school was  in use until the opening of the Oxford Consolidated School (now Oxford Center) in 1948.  When the Consolidated school was opened, the town sold at auction the various school buildings. 

The recently formed organizaation for veterans obtained the building. The American Legion Post 174 was created in 1946-47.  It was named after David S. Miles, who lost his life during the sinking of the "USS Dorchester." The ship was one of many that  sunk in the region of the pacific known as "torpedo alley"  This ship is famous for the heroic actions of the four Chaplains onboard.  They each gave their life jackets to others, choosing to go down with the ship while praying and singing hymns together so that others might survive.

The American Legion is a non-profit community service organization which provides organizes the annual Memorial Day Parade, the annual Veterans' Day observance, programs and contests in the schools to promote patriotism and understanding of the freedoms preserved by American's fighting men and women. In addition to the Legion itself, the building serves as headquarters for the American Legion Auxiliary, and a Sons of the American Legion Auxiliary.  The Legions sponsors Boy Scout Troop 1, sports activities, and annually award scholarships for Oxford youth to attend Boys State. 

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