Nelson Cable:
August 30, 1956

Nelson M. Cable taken by death; Former Selectman, Tax Collector

Nelson M. Cable, husband of Mrs. Cora Bonnett Cable of Great Hill Road, lifelong resident and former first selectman and tax collector, died this morning at Griffin Hospital after a long illness.

Born in Oxford, son of Glover and Elizabeth Hatch Cable, he was employed by the S. B. Church Company, maintenance department. Mr. Cable formerly served the Town of Oxford as its first selectman and tax collector, and at the time of his death was a member of the Board of Finance of the town. He was also a warden of St. Peter's Church, and served on the church vestry for many years.

I found transcribing this young man's diary fascinating.  Because he lived near to the Treats, he mentions them and many of the people mentioned in the Treat diaries which also posted at
Dorothy A. DeBisschop,
Oxford Municipal Hisorian

The area where Nelson Cable lived is depicted in the 1865 BEERS map of Oxford (available from the Oxford Historical Society).  Nelson's parents lived in a "new" house located on across the street from the one listed as R Cable -- in the tan-colored school district on Chestnut Tree Hill.  The property where Nelson's house stood is listed as belonging to J. Hawley.  The "new" house is stilling at 278 Chestnut Tree Hill Road, but the "old" house is now gone.  To can seen an enlarged graphic of the area and read the names of the home-owners in 1865, click on the thumbnail below:
1865 Beers Map of Oxford - segment


Nelson Cable was the father of my dear friend, Audrey Cable Linke, who loaned me this diary to transcribe.  Audrey helped me greatly when I published the Oxford Record and Connecticut Heritage.  She has contributed some of her works to this website as well.  See her story on the Indian Bowl she found in Oxford as well as the story of life in Oxford during the Great Depression. 

Audrey will release a book on World War II reminiscenses in 2004, and some of the local stories will be posted on this website in the coming months.

Nelson's Diary:

When Nelson Cable wrote this diary, he was in some ways still a boy, but he certainly did a man's work load.  For a short period in the spring,  he put little cartoon sketches on the bottom of some of his diary entries. 

I have scanned them so this diary will have  its "illustrations."  (By clicking on the highlighted dates, you will bring up a scanned jpg of the individual pages from the diary.)

On several days Nelson writes that "Horace and I sawed", but only when he made a sketch I realized what that meant -- he had an illustration of a 2 stick figures operating a 2-man saw. 

On another day where he says "I sawed" he has a stick figure using an old-fashioned buck saw. 

So the pictures are not only cute, they help to explain across the centuries what he was writing about.

In addition to providing scanned graphics of pages with pictures on them, I have included links to scans to some of the pages where I have been unable to read the entire contents of the page.  If anybody is able to determine what the original writing says, I would be happy to hear from them and use that information to complete the transcription of this delightful diary.










Bought two pigs of S.P.S. Dec 26, 1898

Bought one hog of E. H. Chatfield April 4,1899.

Took largest yearling to Mr. Treat's bull, June 11, 1899. Due March 11, 1900.

Smallest yearling to M.T.'s bull, June 13, 1899, Due Mar. 13, 1900.

Betty to Treat's bull, July 31, 1899. Due May 1, 1900.

Beauty to T's bull. Sept. 7, 1899. Due June 1, 1900.

Places and 

Sanford, Robert Irving, operated general store on the Oxford Road

QF abbreviation for Quaker Farms.

Treat FamilyAtwater, Mary and Florence were the children of  Elijah B. and Sarah Curtiss Treat

Tucker Family: Bess  and Sherm, 145 Chestnut Tree  HIll.

DIARY, 1899

Nelson Miles Cable lived on Chestnut Tree Hill.  He was born Dec. 11, 1882, so this diary is a close look at the life of a typical Oxford farm boy at the age of 16 or 17 -- having finished school, but still unmarried and living at home.

FRONT PAGE Dedication:

Presented to
Nelson M. Cable, Oxford
Jan. 3, 1899
By his Bro.
F. A. Cable

SUNDAY, JAN. 1, 1899: snowed ; Fred and Henry came home yesterday.  Henry felt bad today and went to bed. Cold at night.

MONDAY, JAN. 2, 1899: 8 below, clear; I sawed wood about all day.  Papa went to center to Board of Relief and Fred went with him. Bess came over. Henry is no better.

TUESDAY, JAN. 3, 1899: Fair; Papa and I helped butcher 5 hogs for Mr. Treat. Went after a load of wood for Mrs. Hawley.  Fannie came up in p.m.

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 4, 1899: foggy; Sawed and split wood in the afternoon. Papa and Henry went over to the center. Sherm came over and got Emma - Bess sick. Walter came up and he, Julia & Henry went down to Fannie's.

THURSDAY, JAN. 5, 1899: cloudy; Papa and I chopped all day. Fred and Henry went to the Center and  Fred went to Seymour. Henry down to Fannie's.

FRIDAY, JAN. 6,1899: rainy; I did not do anything much. Atwater, Mary and Florence came up in the evening.

SATURDAY, JAN. 7, 1899: clear; Wind blew hard all day. Took down the sausage cutter.  Drew up four loads of wood.  Henry and Fred went to New Haven.  Mr. Albert Carrington's house burnt down about midnight.

SUNDAY, JAN. 8, 1899: fair; Took Fred and Henry over to Beacon Falls. hey went to own.  Mrs. Hudson died about 5 o'clock.

MONDAY, JAN. 9, 1899: cloudy; I chopped about all day. Father went over to the enter to Board of Relief.

TUESDAY, JAN. 10, 1899: clear; Papa and I went to Woodbridge to butcher Amoses' 2 hogs. Very cold. Whist Club met down to Mary Chatfield's and I went.

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 11, 1899: 2 below; Drew a load of wood for Mrs. Sperry and two for home.  Papa and Mama went to Mrs. Hudson's funeral.

THURSDAY, JAN. 12, 1899: fair;  Much warmer and no wind. Papa and I chopped nearly all day. Nursery man came.

FRIDAY, JAN. 13, 1899: foggy; Drew 3 loads of wood at home and one for Mrs. Sperry.

SATURDAY, JAN. 14, 1899: rain; Did not do much.  Amos Morris and wife came up and bought the hams.  Horace and I went over to the center in the eve and Papa and Mama went down to Mr. Chatfield's.

SUNDAY, JAN. 15, 1899: fair; Wind blew hard.

MONDAY, JAN. 16, 1899: cloudy;  Sawed and split wood.  Went over to the center in P.M. after papa. Took over horses.  Rained all night.

TUESDAY, JAN. 17, 1899: clear; sawed and split wood.  Papa went to Ansonia to see Aunt Mary Ann. she was better.  Young folks came in eve and played whist.  Cut my thumb.

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 18, 1899: clear; Papa and I went over to the center to saw a load of wood for Anson and found it all done.  Did not do much in P.M.  Julia went to Seymour.

THURSDAY, JAN. 19, 1899: clear; Sawed wood and Dwight helped us. Papa split.  Walked over to th center to get the mail and Duke.  Sold Bess two bush. potatoes.

FRIDAY, JAN. 20, 1899: clear; Sawed wood in P.M.  Papa went down to Mr. Baldwin's and Ma and Julia went to center.

SATURDAY, JAN. 21, 1899: clear; Horace and I chopped all day. Papa went over to the center.

SUNDAY, JAN. 22, 1899: clear; Home.  Bess  and Sherm came down in eve and S. paid me $1.10.

MONDAY, JAN. 23, 1899: clear; Papa and I went up to Mr. Downe's to help get ice.  Took oxen . Went over to the center in eve.

TUESDAY, JAN. 24, 1899: rain; Papa and I went to R. Downe's to get ice.  Foggy in A.M. and rained hard in P.M.

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 25, 1899: clear; Went up and finished the ice in A.M.  Went to Seymour and up to the center. Got a letter from Hatchie.   Went down to Fannie's to Whist Club.

THURSDAY, JAN. 26, 1899: clear;   Wind blew hard. Did not do much in A.M.  Chopped in P.M.  Papa went over acrost to get the mail.

FRIDAY, JAN. 27, 1899: clear; Wind blew harder. Horace and I chopped. Papa went over to work for Irvie S. Atwater came up in eve and played cards. Julia went over town.

SATURDAY, JAN. 28, 1899: cloudy; Horace and I chopped. Papa went over to the center to work. Julia walked over, too. Mama went to Naugatuck.

SUNDAY, JAN. 29, 1899: cloudy; Put the hams in the smoke-house. Fatty bring my new axe and made a new helve for papa's and bring it.

MONDAY, JAN. 30, 1899: Pt. cloudy; Chopped all day. Papa went over to Board of Relief. Horace and I went down to Atwater's in eve.

TUESDAY, JAN. 31 1899: snow; Snowed nearly all day.  Fatty cut down two trees for ax-helves

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 1, 1899: clear; Home, cleaned the school-house stove pipe. Worked for Mr. Madson carting ice 3 1/2 hrs.

THURSDAY, FEB. 2, 1899: clear; Carted ice 7 1/2 hrs.

FRIDAY, FEB. 3, 1899: rain; Carted ice 2 1/2 hrs.

SATURDAY, FEB. 4, 1899: clear; Papa and I shoed the sled. Mr. Treat brought up his to be shoed.

SUNDAY, FEB. 5, 1899: snow; Snowed nearly all day. Papa and I shoed Mr. Treat's sled.

MONDAY, FEB. 6, 1899: cloudy; Drew up one load of wood -- Oxen slipped.  Sawed wood the rest of the day. Papa walked over to the center and ma went over after him.

TUESDAY, FEB. 7, 1899: Snow; Snowed all day. Did not do much.

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 8, 1899: Snow; Snowed all day. Went over acrost to the center.

THURSDAY, FEB. 9, 1899: 8 below zero, snow; Snowed and blowed hard all day and night. Did not do much.

FRIDAY, FEB. 10, 1899: 10 below zero, clear; drew two loads of wood for Mrs. Hawley.

SATURDAY, FEB. 11, 1899: 16 below zero, clear;  Sawed and split a little wood. Drew a load of wood for Mrs. Sperry. Ther. was 30 below zero in the center -- the coldest ever been in this vicinity.

SUNDAY, FEB. 12, 1899: snow; Snowed all day. Lincoln's birthday.

MONDAY, FEB. 13, 1899: snow; snowed and wind blew all day very hard.

TUESDAY, FEB. 14, 1899: clear; wind blew quite hard. Horace, Atwater and I walked over to the center.

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 15, 1899: clear; Sawed a little wood. Shoveled snow in the P.M. Tommy Lum went away.

THURSDAY, FEB. 16, 1899: clear; Shoveled snow and went over to the center with the oxen.

FRIDAY, FEB. 17, 1899: cloudy; shoveled snow. Rained a little at night.

SATURDAY, FEB. 18, 1899: cloudy; Shoveled snow. Finished. Made a path over to the mountain. Rained a little at night. Emma took Mrs. Sperry to Seymour.

SUNDAY, FEB. 19, 1899: clear;

MONDAY, FEB. 20, 1899: clear; Warm. Sawed wood at home and Papa and I got 3 loads of wood for Mrs. Sperry. 3 hrs.  Emma and I went down to Atwater's in eve.

TUESDAY, FEB. 21, 1899: clear; Drew a load of wood for Mrs. Sperry and one for Mrs. Hawley. Trimmed up a hickory tree in old orchard.

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 22, 1899: cloudy; Foggy in morning.  Trimmed up another hickory tree.  Drew one load of wood for Mrs. Sperry and two for ourselves.

THURSDAY, FEB. 23, 1899: clear; Drew 6 loads of wood at home.  Papa chopped and helped load.

FRIDAY, FEB. 24, 1899: clear;  Fire in Beacon Falls. Went over on the mountain to look at it. Cut wood in P.M.

SATURDAY, FEB. 25, 1899: clear; I went to Seymour - took some rye to mill. Drew three loads of wood.

SUNDAY, FEB. 26, 1899: rain;  Rained and hailed nearly all day.  Cut some whip-stalks.

MONDAY, FEB. 27, 1899: cloudy;  Papa and I made two new saw-horses.  Sawed some wood. Foggy in the morning.

TUESDAY, FEB. 28, 1899: clear; Sawed wood all day. Papa and Julia went to Ansonia - Julia staid.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1, 1899: Pt. cloudy; Papa and I sawed wood all day.  Mamma went over to the center.

THURSDAY, MARCH 2, 1899: cloudy;  Papa and I sawed and split wood.  Snowed, rained and hailed towards  night.

FRIDAY, MARCH 3, 1899: clear;  Papa and I split wood and then went over to the center got me a pair of boots and went down after the grist.

SATURDAY, MARCH 4, 1899: foggy;  Foggy and rainy all day. Sorted over potatoes and carried out decayed vegetables.  Sherm and Bess came over in P.M. and carried home the sewing machine.  Horace went over and took a bushel of my potatoes to Sherm. Pd $.60

SUNDAY, MARCH 5, 1899: bad; Foggy and rainy all day. Partly cleared at night and wind blows. Wrote a letter to John.

MONDAY, MARCH 6, 1899: clear; Papa and I cut down and sawed up an apple tree in the old orchard.  Burton Tucker bought 5 bushels potatoes of Pa.

TUESDAY, MARCH 7, 1899: Snow; Sort of a blizzard. Went over to the center and took 4 bushel potatoes to Irvie S.   Bought a pair of over-alls.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 8, 1899: clear;  Wind blew. Drew 5 loads of wood and chopped a little. Papa helped in A.M. and he and Mama went to Ansonia. Horace and I walked over to the center and saw Uncle Al over there.

THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 1899: cloudy; Chopped in A.M. and drew two loads of wood in P.M.  Papa and Mama came home from Ansonia. Papa went to Torrington to see F & H.

FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 1899: clear; Papa and I chopped in the morning and I drew 3 loads of wood.  Sherman and Papa went to Millville and Bess spent the P.M. here.

SATURDAY, MARCH 11, 1899: cloudy; Horace and I cut wood and drew one load. Papa went to Seymour and bought home the minister.

SUNDAY, MARCH 12, 1899: cloudy;  Foggy and rained a little, thundered and lightened in eve.  Julia took the parson over to Q. F. and Horace took him to Seymour.  Two freight trains wrecked at Bradley's Corner. Two men killed.

MONDAY, MARCH 13, 1899: cloudy;  Horace and I sawed wood all day.  Papa went down to apprise D. Washburn's property.  Tapped 3 trees.

TUESDAY, MARCH 14, 1899: clear;  Papa and I sawed wood in A.M. and then went up to see the wreck.  Began to boil the sap.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15, 1899: stormy;  Papa and I sawed wood in the morning. Went over and got the mail in P.M.  rained and hailed.

THURSDAY, MARCH 16, 1899: clear; Papa and I sawed and split wood all day. Julia went to the center.

FRIDAY, MARCH 17, 1899: clear; Split wood nearly all day. Sawed up a log.

SATURDAY, MARCH 18, 1899: rain;  Rained all day, little snow.  Split some  hickory.

SUNDAY, MARCH 19, 1899: rain;  Rained all day. Wind blew in eve.

MONDAY, MARCH 20, 1899: fair;  Wind blew hard all day. Papa and I chopped down eat. Cord wood.

TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 1899: clear;  Chopped all day, Papa helped in A.M. and went over and helped S.P.S. in P.M.  Julia went to Ansonia.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22, 1899: Rainy; Rained all day.

THURSDAY, MARCH 23, 1899: Rainy; Rained nearly all day. Cleared off at night. Walked over to the center

FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 1899: Clear; Drew two loads of wood for Mrs. Sperry and drew out some logs. Moved two loads of  hay at home -- Papa helped.

SATURDAY, MARCH 25, 1899: clear; Horace and I chopped nearly all day.  Papa went away with some potatoes. Snowed in evening.

SUNDAY, MARCH 26, 1899: snow; Snowed all the morn and cleared off in  P.M.

MONDAY, MARCH 27, 1899: clear; Drew two loads of wood for Mrs. Sperry.  Went to center with the oxen with some grain to grind.  Julia and I went down to Mr. Treat's in eve.

TUESDAY, MARCH 28, 1899: rain; Papa and I drew a load of wood for Mrs. Hawley and I walked over and got the mail.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29, 1899: clear; I chopped and piled all day. Papa helped in P.M. wind blew hard.

THURSDAY, MARCH 30, 1899: clear;  I chopped all day., I broke my axe-helve.  Wind blew hard.  Anna Beecher died today.

FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 1899: clear; Sawed up a hickory log and split it.  Went over to the mountain after arbutus with a lot of boys.

SATURDAY, APRIL 1, 1899: cloudy;  We sawed up a big chestnut log stove length. DRew three loads of wood to lower road and one up to house.  Mike L came up in eve.

SUNDAY, APRIL 2, 1899: pt. cloudy; Wind blew and snow squalls.

MONDAY, APRIL 3, 1899: pt. cloudy; Papa and I cut wood at the wood pile in A.M.  He went to Anna Beecher's funeral and I took some rye to mill.

TUESDAY, APRIL 4, 1899: clear; Went down and got a pic of Mr. Chatfield. Chopped on the mountain the rest of the day. Frank Curtiss helped.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5, 1899: clear; Horace and I sawed up a long in the woods and an apple tree log.  Drew up wood in the P.M.  Ned Sanford came over in eve.

THURSDAY, APRIL 6, 1899: clear; We sawed up a large ash log and drew three loads of wood. Had the Society at our house in eve.

FRIDAY, APRIL 7, 1899: cloudy; Got two loads of wood and cut wood at wood-pile. Rained all night. 

SATURDAY, APRIL 8, 1899: clear; I put up rail fence and  Papa went fishing in A.M.  Cleaned up the garden and cut a little wood.

SUNDAY, APRIL 9, 1899: clear; Atwater and I went over after Arbutus.

MONDAY, APRIL 10, 1899: clear;  Papa and I chopped on mount nearly all day and moved two loads of hay.

TUESDAY, APRIL 11, 1899: clear;  Papa and I chopped on the mountain all day. Went to beacon falls after my wheel and did not get it.  Daisy had a calf.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12, 1899: rain; Rained about four hours. We piled wood at woodpile, finished it.

THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 1899: clear;  Horace and I sawed logs on the mountain and papa split.  Busted my axe helve.

FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 1899: clear;  Papa and I drew a load of wood for Mrs. Sperry, one for Mrs. Hawley, one for ourselves and two loads of rails and fixed fence in the lane. 

SATURDAY, APRIL 15, 1899: clear; Sawed and split some wood in A.M.  Fred came down and brought my wheel. Went over to the center and got the mail on it. 

SUNDAY, APRIL 16, 1899: stormy; Rained and snowed all day and ground white with snow at night. A., H., and I went after Arbutus. 

MONDAY,  APRIL 17, 1899: clear; Freed, Julia and I went after Arbutus. Beat some manure and sawed some wood. Fred went back to Torrington.

TUESDAY, APRIL 18, 1899: Clear; Did odd jobs with oxen and Horace and I pulled corn stalks. Papa went off somewhere.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19, 1899: clear; Finished pulling stalks and put some brush.  Went to Seymour to the Grand Army Supper on the wheel.  Mama went to Ansonia.

THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 1899: clear; Papa and I drew wood off the mountain down to Frank Curtiss

FRIDAY, APRIL 21, 1899: cloudy; Papa and I tore down an old building for Sony with oxen.   Got a load of manure from Mrs. Hawley and 3 in our barn-yard on the garden. Went over and got the mail on the wheel. Betty had a calf.

SATURDAY, APRIL 22, 1899: clear;  Horace and I moved 3 loads of hay, cleaned up the garden and pulled some stalk. Papa went over and killed a pig for Sanford. Went to Seymour at night on the wheel. Mama came home.

SUNDAY, APRIL 23, 1899: clear;  Went to church on wheel. Warm day.

MONDAY, APRIL 24, 1899: ; Ploughed the garden and harroed it and drew three loads of stone. Papa went to Ansonia.

TUESDAY, APRIL 25, 1899: clear; Went over to Riggs Street to help Mr. Davis get a load of sawdust. Ploughed in afternoon. Went to center with Atwater at night. Didn't begin to plow EXACTLY the right place. Papa worked over to the center.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26, 1899: clear;  Worked at Raspberries in A.M. and ploughed in P.M.  Papa worked over to the center.

THURSDAY, APRIL 27, 1899: clear; Ploughed all day. Papa worked in center.

FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 1899: clear;  Raked over garden and Papa planted onions, lettuce and beets. Went to Center with Papa and led Prince and Birdie took him to Boston.

SATURDAY, APRIL 29, 1899: clear; Ploughed all day. Papa went to center.

SUNDAY, APRIL 30, 1899: clear;  Atwater and I went to Waterbury, Naugatuck, Beacon Falls, Seymour on our wheels.

MONDAY, MAY 1, 1899: Clear; Finished ploughing the piece. Went to Seymour at night on wheel. Had a shower after I got home.  Mr. Waters came after a load of hay.

TUESDAY, MAY 2, 1899: clear; Mr. Waters came after a load of hay for Irvie S.  Went up to Sony's and drew some rocks with oxen. Pa and I cut some cedars and made a bush. Had a big shower towards night. Sony sowed oats.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 3, 1899: clear; Horace and I pulled stalks. Sherm came over after a load of hay. Harroed in the oats. Built a little wall.

THURSDAY, MAY 4, 1899: clear; Got out three loads of manure and bushed in the grass seed.  Set arbor posts.

FRIDAY, MAY 5, 1899: clear; Pa and I put wire on grape arbor posts and ploughed for berries

SATURDAY, MAY 6, 1899: cloudy; Got out 1 load manure, ploughed, harrowed, bushed and burnt corn stalks.

SUNDAY, MAY 7, 1899: clear; Went to church and to Seymour on wheel.

MONDAY, MAY 8, 1899: pt. cldy; We got out manure all day.

TUESDAY, MAY 9, 1899: clear; Set out quince trees and drove oxen for Sony to plough.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 10, 1899: clear; Ploughed for Sony and drove oxen for papa to plough. Went to center on wheel at night.

THURSDAY, MAY 11, 1899: cldy & rain; Drive oxen. Papa ploughed in A.M.  Rained in P.M. Cleared off toward night. Worked around wood-pile.

FRIDAY, MAY 12, 1899: clear; Got out 1 load of manure, spread it, ploughed a little, went after harrow & didn't get it. Planted sweet corn, raked over garden, set bean-poles, cut up some.

SATURDAY, MAY 13, 1899: cloudy; Got out 3 loads of manure. Went after harrow and harroed potato ground. Rained a little all P.M.

SUNDAY, MAY 14, 1899: clear; Atwater and I went to West Haven on wheels.

MONDAY, MAY 15, 1899: clear; Bushed, marked, drilled and planted potato ground. Sony helped. Went to center in eve.

TUESDAY, MAY 16, 1899: pt. cloudy; Worked for Mr. Madsen drawing stone 4 hrs. $1.40. Ploughed for Sony. Went to center in eve.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 1899: clear; Ploughed for Sony in A.M. and for Mrs. Sperry 4 hrs. Went to Seymour in eve.

THURSDAY, MAY 18, 1899: cloudy; Ploughed for Mrs. Sperry, 8 hrs. Mamie Drukee  came.

FRIDAY, MAY 19, 1899: cloudy; Ploughed for Mrs. Sperry 4 1/2 hrs.  Rained a little in P.M. Painted my wheel rims.

SATURDAY, MAY 20, 1899: cloudy; Got out two loads of manure and ploughed for Mrs. Sperry 5 hrs. Broke the cart wheel.

SUNDAY, MAY 21, 1899: clear; Went to church and to Quaker Farms with Atwater.  Wind blew hard.

MONDAY, MAY 22, 1899: cloudy; Raked over last year's potatoe ground. Ploughed for Mrs. Sperry 4 hrs. Drew 3 loads of stone.  Frank Curtiss began to paint our house.

TUESDAY, MAY 23, 1899: clear;  Got out 7 loads of manure. Thunder shower and hail.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 24, 1899: clear;  Got out 4 loads of manure and ploughed.

THURSDAY, MAY 25, 1899: clear; Ploughed all day.  Henry came home in eve.

FRIDAY, MAY 26, 1899: clear; Went to center with oxen after harrow and 2 ladders. Ploughed in P.M.

SATURDAY, MAY 27, 1899: pt. cldy; Ploughed all day.

SUNDAY, MAY 28, 1899: clear; Went to Church, Pines Bridge and to Seymour with A.  Fred came down on his wheel. Rained in night.

MONDAY, MAY 29, 1899: cloudy; Ploughed all day and finished the piece

TUESDAY, MAY 30, 1899: - ;  Decoration Day.  Ploughed for Mrs. Sperry 8 1/2 hrs.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 1899: clear; Ploughed 2 1/2 hours for Mrs. Sperry. Harroed corn piece twice. Aunt Mary Ann came home.

THURSDAY, JUNE 1, 1899: CLEAR; Harroed piece over once and bushed it. Mr. Madsen and I marked it out.

FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 1899: clear; Planted corn all day. Henry & Sony helped.

SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 1899: clear; Finished planting corn. Hoed in garden, went after ?-bush and fixed pigpen.

SUNDAY, JUNE 4, 1899: clear; Went to Great Hill and center. Uncle Martin came up and I to Seymour with him on wheel. Henry went back.

MONDAY, JUNE 5, 1899: clear; Planted melons. We did onions, mowed weeds and built wall.

TUESDAY, JUNE 6, 1899: clear; Got out two loads of manure on and ploughed and harrowed old house garden. Weeded few onions.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7, 1899: pt. cld; Ploughed a little, mowed a little, raked a little and spread a little manure. Aunt Gertie and Chauncy came.

THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 1899: clear; Ploughed all day.

FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 1899: cloudy; Ploughed. Mr. Shaddock came from Boston.

SATURDAY, JUNE 10, 1899: cloudy; Finished ploughing & weeded few onions.

SUNDAY, JUNE 11, 1899: clear; Went to Naugatuck and B. Falls with Mike. Went to church and to Seymour. Mr. Shaddock went home.

MONDAY, JUNE 12, 1899: pt. cldy; Harroed bushed and helped Sony cultivate out our potatoes.

TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 1899: clear; Sony and I hoed potatoes.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14, 1899: clear; Finished hoeing potatoes. Went to Southford with baggage, Aunt Gertie, Chauncy & Nat. Worked in gardens.

THURSDAY, JUNE 15, 1899: -; Clear in A.M. and rained towards night. Mowed around house and raked it up.

FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 1899: clear; Planted beans and potatoes and set bean poles in "old house" garden. Set out tomato and pepper plants.

SATURDAY, JUNE 17, 1899: pt cldy; Sony and I cultivated raspberries and sweet corn, then we planed a piece of corn. Went to Seymour in eve.

SUNDAY, JUNE 18, 1899: clear; Mike and I went to the center, Seymour, Ansonia, and Derby. Had dinner at Mr. Pat. Flynn's. Mr. and Mrs. Broker came up.

MONDAY, JUNE 19, 1899: clear; Plowed for Mrs. Hawley and got a load of manure from there. Picked half bush. of cherries for Mrs. Riggs and took half.  Mr. S. Wheeler began to put up ??.

TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 1899: clear; Helped Wheeler on house. Had a shower towards night.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 1899: clear; Helped Wheeler on house. Finished.

THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 1899: clear; Hoed sweet corn and watermelons.  Sony ploughed out the potatoes.

FRIDAY, JUNE 23, 1899: clear; Helped Sony hoe his part of potatoes and hoed all ours.

SATURDAY, JUNE 24, 1899: -; Helped Sony hoe potatoes. Sun was hot in A.M. and had a bit thunder shower towards night.

SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 1899: cloudy; Went to Seymour, Ansonia, Derby and to church with Atwater and Mike. Rained in P.M.

MONDAY, JUNE 26, 1899: clear; Mowed with machine and scythe. Raked it up and heaped it. Sony helped.

TUESDAY, JUNE 17, 1899: clear; Went to Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in Waterbury with Atwater and Horace.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 28, 1899: rain; Rained nearly all day. Mowed a little and sprouted potatoes.

THURSDAY, JUNE 29, 1899: clear; Worked for Mr. Madsen 1 1/2 hrs. Opened, turned and got in a load of hay.

FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 1899: clear; Mowed with machine most all day. Raked up half of it.

SATURDAY, JULY 1, 1899: clear; Planted some beans. Made and got in 4 loads of hay. Henry came home.

SUNDAY, JULY 2, 1899: clear; Went to church and Christian endeavor in eve.

MONDAY, JULY 3, 1899: clear; Mowed all morn and raked and got in 2 loads.

TUESDAY, JULY 4, 1899: clear; Mowed and got in two loads.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 5, 1899: cloudy; Mowed all morn and raked and heaped some of it. Fred came down. Emma went to New Haven.

THURSDAY, JULY 6, 1899: cloudy; Cultivated out some of the corn with Sony and his horse. Made and got in 3 loads of hay.

FRIDAY, JULY 7, 1899: clear; Hoed watermelons. Fred mowed and we raked up some. Went to Seymour in eve.

SATURDAY, JULY 8, 1899: rainy; Rained about all day.

SUNDAY, JULY 9, 1899: clear; Opened and raked up hay.

MONDAY, JULY 10, 1899: clear; Fred mowed a meadow and we made and got in 5 loads.

TUESDAY, JULY 11, 1899: clear; Sony and I cultivated out the corn. Fred mowed one lot and we got in 4 loads.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 12, 1899: clear; Fred and I mowed a meadow and got in -- one big load. Took a load up to Sony's

THURSDAY, JULY 13, 1899: clear; Mowed the orchard and the rye. Raked and heaped hay in orchard. Went to Derby in eve. with Mike F.

FRIDAY, JULY 14, 1899: clear; Mowed old rye lot and heaped it.

SATURDAY, JULY 15, 1899: fair; Straightened, raked and got in the rye. 13 Shock. Got a load for Sony and took it up. Hoed some of the corn and Bossom helped.

SUNDAY, JULY 16, 1899: -; Rained hard all morn and was cloudy in P.M.

MONDAY, JULY 17, 1899: clear; Sony and I cultivated corn and beans all day with his horse. Papa and Fred mowed a load of brakes for hog-pen and bought it up.

TUESDAY, JULY 18, 1899: fair;  Hoed corn all day. Sony helped. Fred and Henry went back to Torrington.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 19, 1899: clear; Papa and I hoed corn

THURSDAY, JULY 20, 1899: clear; Hoed corn. Sony helped part of the day.

FRIDAY, JULY 21, 1899: cloudy; Hoed the beans.

SATURDAY, JULY 22, 1899: -; Went to Savin Rock on my wheel. Clear in A.M.; cloudy in P.M.  Rained hard in New Haven.

SUNDAY, JULY 23, 1899: cloudy; Staid to Lum.?

MONDAY, JULY 24, 1899: clear; Ploughed a piece for turnips.

TUESDAY, JULY 25, 1899: -; Rain and mist in A.M.  Hot and muggy in P.M.  Mowed side of the road. Cleaned out the cellar.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 26, 1899: -; Rained in A.M. Cleared off at noon. Got out 3 loads of manure in P.M.

THURSDAY, JULY 27, 1899: clear; Got a load of manure and harroed piece twice.  Raked up hay side of the road and got it in -- one load. Heavy shower towards night.

FRIDAY, JULY 28, 1899: clear; Mowed side of the road for Mr. Chatfield and F. Curtiss. Harroed piece again and bushed in turnips. Sony sowed them. Got a load of hay for Sony and took it up.

SATURDAY, JULY 29, 1899: Clear;  Did odd jobs and raked& got in load of bedding side of road.

SUNDAY, JULY 30, 1899: Clear; Went to Derby and C. E. in eve. with Atwater and Mike.

MONDAY, JULY 31, 1899: Clear; Mowed by hand all day. Raked and heaped some.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 1, 1899: clear; Mowed by hand all day.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2, 1899: Clear in A.M.; Cradled part of the oats. Raked and got in 2 loads of hay. Rained some towards night.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 3, 1899: clear; Cradle rest of the oats and got a small jag of hay.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 4, 1899: clear; Went after fanning mill down to Tucker's. Went after a load of chips up to Red Oak. Cut some weeds.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 5, 1899: clear; Shot day. Raked and bund and got in two loads of oats.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 6, 1899: clear; Cloudy and sprinkled a little in A.M. Went to Bridgeport with Mike and Atwater.

MONDAY, AUGUST 7, 1899: clear; Mowed down beside the lower road. Went to center at night.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 8, 1899: clear; Mowed down acrost the lower road. Went to center and Seymour in eve.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 9, 1899: clear; Mowed swamp.Raked some hay. Got in one load.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 10, 1899: -; Wet about all day. got one load of hay in morning.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 11, 1899: cloudy; Mowed carrots all day. Shower.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 1899: cloudy; Mowed brush from under walnut trees.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 13, 1899: clear; Very warm. WEnt to church and C. E. in eve.

MONDAY, AUGUST 14, 1899: clear; M owed down across old road

TUESDAY, AUGUST 15, 1899: clear; Went to Quassapaug to church picnic.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16, 1899: clear; Helped Mrs. Sperry carting two loads of oats, cut little wood.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 17, 1899: clear; Started to build a fence down in the woods.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 1899: clear; Got and took up a load of hay for Sony.  S. Helped build fence in P.M>

SATURDAY, AUGUST 19, 1899: muggy; Finished building the fence. Drew a load of wood for Mrs. Riggs.  Helped Mr. Treat a couple of hours.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 20, 1899: fair;  Hot and muggy. Went to Seymour and to church.

MONDAY, AUGUST 21, 1899: fair; Nine of us mowed and raked over the Episcopal cemetery.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 22, 1899: clear; Raked bedding and mowed some. Big shower at 2, o'clock.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23, 1899: pt. cloudy;  Mowed brush stuff down across lower road.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 24, 1899: cloudy; Mowed bedding and carted some rails for Mrs. Riggs.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 25, 1899: pt. cldy; Mowed bedding all day.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 26, 1899: cloudy; Cut weeds and brush

SUNDAY, AUGUST 27, 1899: pt. cldy; Went to Torrington on wheel.

MONDAY, AUGUST 28, 1899: clear;  Came back - got here 6 o-clock.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 29, 1899: clear; Mowed a piece for Frank Hurd up to Mrs. Hawkins. Raked some  and bought up a load of bedding.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 1899: Clear; Raked up bedding in the swamp. Raked up hay for Hurd. Got 1 load of bedding.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 31, 1899: clear; Raked up one and brought up two loads of bedding.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 01, 1899: Clear; Raked and brought up one load of bedding. Took up a load for Sony from Mrs. Hawley.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 02, 1899: -; Rained and misted about all day. Mowed side of the road for Mr. Treat. Julia came home from Boston and brought a Miss Bulkley with her.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 03, 1899: cloudy; Fred and Henry came down - brought another fellow with them.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 04, 1899: clear; Had a clam-bake.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 05, 1899: clear; Cut brush side of the stone walls. Fred and Hen went back.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 06, 1899: clear; Picked hops and worked at brush.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 07, 1899: clear; Mowed rouen south of house Worked at brush.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 08, 1899: clear; Worked at brush. Put up mowing machine.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 09, 1899: pt. cldy; Raked up and got in rouen - 1 load.  Weeded and rolled onions.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1899: Clear; Went to church and then to Southford, Quassapaug, Waterbury & Naugatuck.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1899: -; Cloudy in morning and rained in P.M. Worked some at brush, fixed fences and unloaded a load of rouen.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1899: clear; Cut some brush and thrashed some rye and oats.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1899: clear; Thrashed oats.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1899: clear; Thrashed and cleaned up oats.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1899: clear; Dug and got in potatoes

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 1899: clear; Went over on the Mt. and got a load of wood. Went to Seymour to the races.  Fred and Hen came home.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1899: clear; Went to center towards night.  Fred & Hen went back.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1899: clear;  Dug potatoes all day.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1899: clear; Went to Beacon Valley Fair with Walter J.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1899: pt. cloudy; Rained hard in the night. Dug potatoes.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1899: -; Rainy and cloudy. Sold the oxen and took them to Woodbridge. Boiled potatoes for pigs.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1899: clear; Dug potatoes.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1899: clear; Dug potatoes.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1899: cloudy; Went to church and to Seymour.

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1899: -; rained some. Dug potatoes.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1899: -; Got some corn and cleaned out the pig-pen. Rained a good deal. Went down to the walnut trees.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1899: clear; Began to cut up corn.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1899: clear; Finished both pieces of corn. F. Curtiss helped. Boiled kettle of little potatoes for pigs.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1899: cloudy; Began to dig potatoes in Sony's piece. Rained toward night.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1899: clear; Dug potatoes

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 01, 1899: clear; Went to center twice -- to church and after a paper.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 02, 1899: clear; Heavy frost and froze water. Went Squirreling. Picked apples.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 03, 1899: clear; Shook walnut trees and picked up 1 1/2 bush.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 04, 1899: clear; Picked apples for Mr. R. Downs, 9 hrs.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 05, 1899: clear; Picked apples for Mr. Downs 8 1/2 hours.  Pd. $2.60

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 06, 1899: rainy; Rained about all day. Picked up some walnuts.  Shelled some corn for Ma.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 07, 1899: clear; Dug potatoes

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 08, 1899: cloudy; -.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 09, 1899: cloudy; Foggy and misty in A.M. Thrashed oats. Picked up little potatoes and boiled kettle full of stuff. Went hunting a little while.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1899: clear; Went Squirrelling and dug potatoes. Papa brought home a pair of steers.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1899: cloudy; Picked up potatoes. Cleaned out the well. Got in the onions.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1899: clear; Picked apples. Put a load of manure in pig-pen.  Henry and Mr. ?? came down.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1899: clear;  Went hunting half a day and picked apples.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1899: clear;  Picked beans. Company from B'port.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1899: clear; Went to Seymour. We all picked up 2 1/2 bush.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1899: clear; Got a bbl of water. Picked beans. Wet, some in A.M.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1899: cloudy; Picked beans. Have been milking for Mrs. Sperry the past week.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1899: -; Rained part of morn. Boiled kettle of swill. Cut wood.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1899: clear; Picked beans.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1899: clear; Picked apples

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1899: -;-

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1899: clear;  All fought fire on Mt.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1899: clear; Got a bbl. of water, Went to center with potatoes and grist with oxen.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1899: clear; Got a bbl of water. Sawed woof for Ansonia. John came.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1899: clear; Drew cord of wood down to Green road corner. Sawed up a cord. Fred came down.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1899: smokey and hazy; Drew 2 cords of wood.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1899: smokey and hazy;  Picked up cider apples

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1899: - ; A wet day.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1899: -; Wet. Picked  up some walnuts.

MONDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1899: clear; Pitched out mud and put in two loads of horse manure in pig pen. Picked up cider apples.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1899: -; The weather it was kinder wet. WEnt to mill with 2 loads of apples.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 01, 1899: -; Misty and rained some. Took over a load of apples, made cider, brought home 2 bbls and went back and got 3 bbls. more.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 02, 1899: clear; Went over and got 3 bbls. cider and picked some corn. Went to center at night.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 03, 1899: clear; Husked corn and fixed well down the lot.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 04, 1899: clear; Did not do much. John went home.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 05, 1899: clear; Fred went back, I took him to B. F.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 06, 1899: clear; Husked corn.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 07, 1899: clear; Pulled turnips. Went to center to lecture.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 08, 1899: clear; Pulled turnips and husked corn.. Papa and Aunt Mary went to Uncle Sanford.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 09, 1899: clear; Husked corn & bound stalks.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1899: clear; Husked corn and got in the stalks. Finished one piece.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1899: -; Rained some and was cloudy. Went hunting a while -- killed my first partridge. Moved turnips in cellar.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1899: clear; Went to church.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1899: clear; Brought up corn from west piece and put it in the shed. Went over to Ruth Sanford's in eve to rehearse for "Noon NOrk??"

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1899: cloudy;  Husked some corn. Put load of manure in hog-pen. Papa came home. First snow storm tonight.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1899: cloudy; brought up 3 loads of wood on the sled. Husked a little corn. Went over to Sanford's.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1899: clear; Husked corn.  Florence went home. Julia went as far as B-port with her.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1899: clear; Husked some and pulled few turnips. Shelled some corn for mill.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1899: cloudy; We went over and set a monument memory of my great-grandmother and father. Went hunting a while.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1899: Clear; Cleaned up the wheel.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1899: clear; Pulled and got in turnips on corn lot.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1899: clear;  Put of bbl of apples, fixed pigpen, cut wood and got in vegetables out of garden.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1899: cloudy;  Shelled corn for mill, and finished husking corn in the shed.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1899: clear; Took grist to mill and a bbl of apples to J.Miles. Picked up stone on corn ground.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1899: clear;  picked up and took over to mill 35 bush of apples for Mr. Welton.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1899: cloudy; Picked up and took over 25 bushel more. Aunt Mary, Uncle Hanford and Aunt Huldah came.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1899: clear;  Fine day, went to church

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1899: cloudy; Went hunting.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1899: clear; Odd jobs in A.M., picked up stone in P.M.  Got a turkey from Mrs. Sperry and picked it.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1899: clear; Hilled and picked one of our turkeys. Cut little wood. Picked up stone. Have to get a barrel of water every day.,

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1899: clear; Thanksgiving day. Went hunting a while. Fred and Henry came down.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 01, 1899: -; Cloudy & foggy in A.M.  Did not do much. Put manure around young trees.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 02, 1899: clear; Cleaned out room in old house. Different things.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 03, 1899: clear; Fred and Henry went back in eve. I took them to B. F.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 04, 1899: clear; Shelled corn for mill. Threshed oats.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 05, 1899: clear; Carried apples down cellar in old house. Threshed oats.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 06, 1899: -;  Clear in morning, but clouded up in afternoon and snowed till night. Finished threshing oats and fanned them out.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 07, 1899: clear; Thrashed rye.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 08, 1899: clear; Thrashed rye. Shelled corn for mill. Snowed some in the night but all melted off.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 09, 1899: clear;  Went over and helped butcher 2 hogs for Sanford and 2 for George Hawley.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1899: clear; Home.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1899: pt. cldy; Foggy & rained a little in morning. Fixed i[ wore fence by lower road. Fanned out the rye.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1899: -; Cloudy in A.M> Rained hard two or three hours at noon and cleared off towards night. Went down to Amos Morris'es to butcher 2 hogs.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1899: clear; Went to center to butcher for Riley and did not do it, so came home and did different things

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1899: clear; Butchered hog for Riley. Drew 3 loads of wood from old orchard.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1899: clear; Sawed wood for Ansonia.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1899: clear; Sawed wood

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17, 1899: clear; -

MONDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1899: clear; Shelled corn and went to mill. Put a load of manure in hog-pen. Patched fence.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1899: -; Cloudy and rained all afternoon. Worked for Sherm helping draw out wood - 7 hours.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1899: clear;  Got water and wood for butchering.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1899: clear; Butchered our three hogs, 2 for Mrs. Sperry and 2 for Mrs. Hawley. Chet came up and helped.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1899: clear; Took down pig that F. Curtiss bought of us and took over Mrs. Sperry's.  Went over crost to the center and got the mail and an axe-helve.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1899: cloudy;  Cut up hots, hung my axe.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1899: -; Rained all day. Cut up meat and made sausage.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 25, 1899: clear; Christmas day. Drew 1 load of wood for George Smith, 1/2 hr.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 26, 1899: clear;  Drew 3 loads of wood for G. S., 3 1/2 hrs.  Got a load of wood on the mountain.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1899: -; "I don't know.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 28, 1899: clear; Cut some wood. Went to Seymour. Got a new hat. Christmas tree at night in our church.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1899: clear; Different things.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1899: clear; Odd jobs. Fred came down. I went to Beacon after him.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1899: clear; End. ALL OVER. Finis   AMEN.