Honors our Veterans

Oxford Men who Enlisted from Oxford to Serve in World War I.

Oxford's WW I Enlistees -
48 names from the Bronze Tablet On Upper Green.

Albert E. Arnold
Maurice A. Barry
Carl Benson
Frank W Carlson
Ole S Christesen
Albert C Dahinden
Ralph E Davis
Thomas F Derry
Clifford Dilly
Alfred S Donahue
Henry D Field
Albert H. Graf
Albert G. Hansen
Wm. R. Houlihan
Reid P. Hubbell
Frederick Knapp
Samuel Levy
Arthur F Lundin
Frank Marshall
Maurice Levy
Charles T Mitchell
Thomas Marshall
Clarence Mcconnie
Walter J. Mitchell
Albert Mitchell
Homer Olmstead
Edgar C Palmer
Fred W Pfeiffer
Clarence R Roberts
Herbert Roberts
Chauncdy B Sanford
Clifford H Smith
Herman Sonnestuhl
August J Tilquist
Frank Trevelin
John H Townsend
James F Townsend
E N Williams