Reminiscences of Oxford
Homes and People
By B. H. Davis
Published 1914 in THE SEYMOUR RECORD

Chapter 18

Just a little north opposite the Smith place stands another land mark, known as the Hawley place. David Hawley, Jr., formerly owned this place and lived here for many years. The house was built about the year 1830.  Chester Smith of Chestnut Tree Hill was the builder.

Mr. Hawley was twice married.  His first wife was Mary F. Doolittle, of Skokorat, daughter of Edmund Louis Doolittle of that place. They were married May 27, 1863.  Two daughters and one son were born to them, Jane E., now Mrs. George A. Candee, of Skokorat, a daughter who died in infancy, and a son, Otis Hawley, a prominent citizen of Seymour, who also lives on the old Doolittle farm on Skokorat.

Mr. Hawley's second wife was Martha Gillette of Great Hill. One son was born of this marriage, Clifford Hawley, who lives with his mother on the road leading from the Southford Cemetery to Christian Street. 

After the death of Mr. Hawley in 1897 the place was sold to James Pendleton who occupied it for a year or two and then it was sold to W. Stafford who worked in the Seymour Iron foundry, consequently did not make a success of farming.

In 1907 the place was again sold to M. P. McKenna, who still owns and occupied the place. He is quite extensively engaged in the poultry business, also keeps a number of cows and makes butter for which he finds a ready market in Naugatuck, making weekly trips there to dispose of the products of his farm.

Mr. McKenna is also a carpenter and works at that business when otherwise engaged on the farm. He is a conscientious member of the church, is a good neighbor, and is always ready to help in time of need.

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