Reminiscences of Oxford
Homes and People
By B. H. Davis
Published  in THE SEYMOUR RECORD, 1913-1914

  1. Otis Davis House and Stiles Tucker homesteads and families (See note published later)
  2. Enos Chatfield and Sheldon Clark Homesteads
  3. Colonel John Davis and Atwater Treat homesteads
  4. George Sperry, Stephen Thomas and Roswell Cable homesteads, and the Chestnut Tree Hill schoolhouse
  5. Chester Smith, John Beecher, Aunt Sarah Riggs and Clark Osborne homesteads
  6. The Eben Riggs Homestead, the Chestnut Tree Hill Pond and sawmill, the Leman Treat Homestead and Toby's Rocks .
  7. The Peter Joice, John R. Davis, Tubal Sanford and Ebenezer Seeley Homesteads and families
  8. The Clark Botsford, Leverett Downs, Isaac Twitchell and Horace Twitchell homesteads, and the Red Oak Schoolhouse .
  9. George Thomas Place, Mother Couch Home, William Pardee place, Washington Benham homestead, the doughnut factory, Loveland place, Old Davis & Perry Sawmill, Joseph Conners place.
  10. Lower Riggs Street - Chauncy Hatch home, Dwinel Chatfield Place, Moody Brown House, Rodney Robinson's meat market, the Riggs Street Hermit, spring to Oxford Hotel, Benjamin Bunnell, Albert Smith farm.
  11. Hatch Homestead, Chauncey M. Hatch, Sr.   
  12. Captain Job Candee, the tragedy of Cosmo F. Alling, and Hiram Osborn's The Maples , all on Riggs Street
  13. The Horace Cable Homestead, Elm Grove Stock Farm,  Hubbell and  Williams Homesteads
  14. Andrews place, Orlando Cable Homestead, and Wheeler-Osborne Homestead
  15. John Buckinghamd homestead, Riggs Street Schoolhouse, Orren Tucker and Joel Riggs Homesteads
  16. MISSING!
  17. Smith-Flynn-Daly Place
  18. The Hawley Place
  19. Abbott-Alling-Booth Place
  20. Jeremy Twitchell Homestead